Thil thlum ei nasatin ril cancer risk tisang

Mithiam ten zirchianna an neih tharah thil thlum leh thau ei nasat hian ril cancer risk a risang tih an hmuchhuak niin an sawi.
University of Edinburgh a mithiam te chuan chaw atan hman tlanglawn deuh chi 170- thei, thlai, sangha leh sa dang bakah, cake, biscuit, crisps, desserts chocolates, nuts leh thil in chi chi hrang hrang leh thei tui thlengin an an zirchian zingah chuan a tel.
Mithiam te chuan cancer risk tisang thei chi hrang hrang- an chhung zingah cancer an awm tawh em, tih te, exercise an la tha em tih leh mei an zu em tih te thlengin an en vek a, chutiang zawng zawng hnuah thil thlum lampang ei nasat hian colorectal cancer risk a tisang thei ngei niin an sawi.
Mithiam te hian Scottish Colorectal Cancer Study, 2012-a an neih data hmangin, tunhma lama ril cancer leh ei leh in chungchanga zirchianna lo awm tawh te pawh an en nawn leh niin an sawi.

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