TOMORROW X TOGETHER-in No.1 album an nei ve ta

TOMORROW X TOGEHTER album thar ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPATION’ chu Billboard 200 (albums) chart No.1-ah a debut a, he chart-a No.1 kai thei album an neih vawi khatna a ni. Hetihrual hian Sam Smith leh Lil Yachty te pawh chart top 10-ah an debut.

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Billboard 200 chart hi kar khat chhunga US-a album hralh tam dan atanga tehin chart ranking siam thin a ni a, album hralh zat chhut nan hian album tak tak hralhna bakah streaming atanga album hralhna tlukpui leh album-a hla mal hralhna atanga album copy tlukpui te belhkhawm thin a ni.

‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’ hi he South Korean group tana an album chart top 10 kai thei pathumna a ni a, nikum khan an album ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ chu No.4 kaiin, 2021-ah an album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze’ chu No.5a lo kai tawh bawk.

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION hi copy 1,61,500 hralhin chart No.1-ah a debut a, album tak tak hralh zat chu copy 1,52,000 niin, streaming atangin album copy 9,000 tlukpui (on-demand official streams maktaduai 13.24) leh album-a hla mal hralhna atangin album copy 500 hu an hralh thei bawk.

The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION hi TOMORROW X TOGETHER album he chart-a lang thei pasarihna niin, album-a hlate hi Korean deuh vek a ni a, English lyrics tlem a awm ve bawk a, Billboard 200 chart-a No.1 thei album, English ni lo deuh vek hla awmna zingah 17-na a ni bawk.

Chart No.1 hlui SZA ‘SOS’ chu copy 1,00,000 hralh lehin No.1 a
tangin No.2-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui bawk Taylor Swift ‘Midnights’ chu
copy 68,000 hralh lehin No.2 atangin No.3-ah a tawlh a, chart No.1 hlui tho
Metro Boomin ‘Heroes & Villians’ chu copy 47,000 hralh lehin No.5 atangin No.4 a kai thar leh a, chart No.1 hlui Drake leh 21 Savage ‘Her Loss’ chu copy 44,000 hralh lehin No.6 atangin No.5 a kai thar ve leh ta bawk.
Sam Smith chuan chart top 10 kai thei album pali nei tlingin, a album ‘Gloria’ chu copy 39,000 hralhin No.7-ah a dbeut a, he album hi a hla hit ‘Unholy’ awmna kha a ni. He hla hi Kim Petras nen Hot 100 chart-ah pawh an lo No.1 pui zak zak tawh a ni. Chart No.1 hlui bawk Morgan Williams ‘Dangeores: The Double Album’ chu copy 42,000 hralh lehin No.8 atangin No.6 a kai thar ve leh ta bawk.

Bad Bunny chart No.1 album hlui ‘Un Verano Sinti’ chu copy 39,000 hralh lehin No.7 atangin No.8-ah a tawlh a, Lil Yachty ‘Star Here’ chu copy 36,000 hralhin No.9-ah a debut a, Zach Bryan ‘American Heartbreak’ chu copy 31,000 hralh lehin No.9 atangin No.10-ah a tawh ta bawk.

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