Tones and I ‘Dance Monkey’-in 2B view a kai

Tones and I ‘Dance Monkey’-in 2B view a kai
2019 hla hit, Australian artist lar chhuahna hla ni ta ‘Dance Monkey’ music video chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn 2 en a hlawh ta.
Tones and I (a hming tak Toni Elizabeth Watson) chu putar lemah insiamin, hmaikawr leh hmui leh khabe hmul lem nen, tar enkawlna in atangin a thiante nen an tlanchhuak a, golf course-ah te kalin, an duh ang angin an tal kual ta vel a ni.
He hla hi Tones and I debut EP The Kids Are Coming atanga a single pahnihna niin, Billboard Hot 100-ah No.4 a kai a, chutilaiin ram hrang hrang 30 chuangah chuan No.1 a kai thung a ni. Tones and I hian hla dang pawh a lo nei nual tawh a, mahse, ‘Dance Monkey hi a lar chhuahna leh khawvelin a hmelhriat tak takna a ni ta a ni.

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