Tryants CC an champion

Nimin khan Ramhlun Sports Complex, Ai-zawlah T20 Knockout 3rd Division & Non League Top 2 final khelh niin, wicket thuma Tlang-nuam Cricket Club hneh-tu Tryants Cricket Club an champion.
Toss-a chak Tlang-nuam CC-in vuak hma-sak thlangin, over 19.4-ah run 93 puitlinin wicket an hloh zo a; Lalzirsanga chuan ball 14 a hma-chhawnah run 16 siamin, Tlangnuam tabna hlap-chhuak hnem ber a ni a; ball riata run 14 ngah tling Lalhumhima’n a dawt.
Tryants Cricket Club hian target an umna kawngah over sawmhnih (20) chhungin run 94 an ngah a, wicket sari hlohin, Abishek Chhetri chuan a thawhhlawk a, ball 28-ah run 33 siamin, run 18 vaw chhuak tling Depandra Chhetri chuan a thawh tam ve bawk.
Final match-ah hian man of the match-ah Raj Tiwari thlan a ni.
Player of the tour-nament leh best bowler lawmman dawngtu chu Laxman of Tryants CC niin, best batsman atan pawh Tryants player pawimawh Abhishek Chhetri thlan a ni.

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