Union HM-in CM a bawl – PC

Aizawl khawpui atanga Assam Rifles sawnchhuah chungchangah Union Home minister chuan Mizoram chief minister a bawl nia an hriat thu PC party chuan an sawi.

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PC Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, Pu Zoramthanga kaihhruai MNF party-in kum-10 sawrkarna an chan chhung khan Assam Rifles sawnchhuah an hlawhchham chiang hle tiin, kum 5 dang sawrkarna an hman zawh leh dawn ruaiah pawh a tak taka AR sawnchhuah hmel hmuh leh hriat tur mipuiin kan nei thei lo tih a sawi a. Pu Zoramthanga kaihhruai MNF sawrkar chuan chhuanlam dang siam tawh loin, an hlawhchham let der tih pawm mai turin an duh tih a sawi.

‘Assam Rifles sawnchhuah chungchanga sawrkar laipuia Home minister Amit Shah bawlzà n mai mai theih tura kan chief minister hi a awm kan phal lo a; India ram atanga independent sual ngam khawpa pa huaisen leh rorum tak a nihna ze ropui tak kha hrereng chung a, Vai tà wna zam mai mai lo turin CM hi kan beisei thar leh a ni,’ PC thuchhuak chuan a ti.

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