Union minister-te duhthu a sam lo

Sawrkar laipuiin miretheite khaichhuahna tura ruahmanna a siam, Prime Minister scheme hrang hrang Mizorama kalpui danah a enkawltu Union minister-te duhthu a sam lo hle tih a lan thu BJP Mizoram general secretary Malsawmtluanga chuan a sawi.

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BJP Mizoram general secretary hian Thawhlehni khan Mamit district tlawhin, an party mite booth level meeting a neihpui a. Mizorama BJP a din chhan chu Mizoram leh Mizote tan a nih angin, development tak tak mipui hnen thleng phak hmasawnna a thlen ve tawh a ngai tih a sawi. BJP sawrkarna state ah chuan development hi nasa takin a kal mup mup a, Mizoram erawh an hnungah leiba tam tak nei chungin, kan kal hleithei lo tih sawiin, “Sawrkar tha leh mipui hma ngaitu BJP hi Mizoram mipui hian kan hriatchian a, kawng hrang hranga hma kan sawn theih nan BJP sawrkar kan mamawh tawh a ni,” a ti.

Mizorama Union minister rawn kalten PM scheme hrang hrang hman a nih danah an duhthu a sam lo hle tih a lan thu Malsawmtluanga hian a sawi a. PM scheme chu a nihna anga hman ni ngat se, mirethei tam takin a rah an seng tawh ngei dawn tih a sawi. “BJP thupui – ‘Mitinin an mamawh an chanvo chan tur ang an chang tur a ni’ tih hi a taka chan hlan a nghahhlehawm tawh hle a.

Mamit district pawh aspirational district kan nihna atanga khai chhuah hi central-in a tum avangin, Union minister engemawzatin min rawn tlawh tawh a. Chuvangin development a taka kan hmuh theih nan BJP hi zirchiangin 2023 MLA inthlanpuiah kan sawrkar a ngai a ni,” a ti.

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