Vaccine pek dan tur rel

Mamit District Task Force on Immunization chu district Addl DC Zoremthara Ralte hoin nimin khan an thukhawm a. District Fully Immunized 2023-2024 chhunga hmalakna hrang hrang thlir a ni. Mamit district-a District Hospital, CHC leh PHC 10-ah naupang vaccine pek tura ruahman lawk (target) 1525 ah 1406 vaccine pek (cover) an ni a, zaah 92.1 a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian Mamit district-ah vaccination tha zawk leh a la tur ten kokim taka an lak theihna’n rawtna hrang hrang siam niin, vantlang huapa inkohkhawmna hmunah vaccine pawimawhna inzirtir thin nise, tih a ni. 2023-2024 chhung hian Mamit district-ah vaccine pe in vawi 942 thawhchhuah a ni tawh a ni.

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