Vanessa Hudgens leh Cole Tucker an inhual

Hollywood star rimawi lamah pawh duai lo tak, High Scool Musical atanga kan hmelhriat Vanessa Hudgens leh baseball player Cole Tucker te chu kan hnih zenzawn an inzui hnuah inneih tumin an inhual ta.

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Vanessa, kum 34, leh Cole, kum 26 te hi November 2020 atang khan inzui niawmin thu a thang tan tawh a, an chhuak dun lai an hmu zeuh zeuh a, nikum hmasa Valentine’s Day-ah khan Instagram-ah an inzui tih nemnghetin, Vanessa hian an inchuks lai thlalak post-in a caption-ah, “Nang leh kei, pumkhatah” tiin a dah bawk.

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