Vawiinah Mock drill

State/ District Disaster Management Authority leh National Disaster Management Authority tangdun huaihawtin vawiin, February 2 hian chhiatrupna liantham thlen thulha chet lak dan enchhinna leh mawhphurtute hmalak dan tur inhrilhhriatna ‘Mega Mock Drill’ chu district tinah neih a ni dawn a. Lirnghing thlen thulha felfai zawka chet lak dan enchhin a ni ang.

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Aizawlah chuan hmun 6-ah neih a ni ang. A tan tirh chawhma dar 10.00 ah Aizawl bawrhsap pisa atang ralkhel dar (siren) tihrik a nih dawn avangin mipui chiai lo turin DM&R department chuan a ngen lawk a ni.

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