Vbch.10 kengtel award dawng

Vbch.10 kengtel award dawng
Mizoram sawrkar UD&PA department chuan sawrkar laipui ruahman – DAY-NULM Scheme a kalpui that vangin SPARK Award cheng vaibelchhe 10 a dawng.
Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA) chuan kumtin DAY-NULM Scheme atan state tinte target a pek mila hna thawk thate tehfung – SPARK (Systematic Progressive Analytical Real Time Ranking) chu 2019- 2020 sawrkar kum atangin a kalpui tan a. Incentive award anga kalpuiin, a hmingah ‘SPARK Award’ vuah a ni. Financial year khata central fund dawn tur bakah incentive award pek belh thin a ni.
State tinte thla tina an hnathawh leh hmalakna atanga teh a ni a. State/UT tinte hmalakna hi thla tin MoHUA hian a thlirlet thin.
Mizoram hi North-East & Himalayan Range – state 9 huamchhungah awmin, he award kalpui tan kum, 2019- 2020 ah 2nd rank award dawng nghalin, 2020- 2021 ah pawh 2nd rank award tho a dawng a. Performance incentive atana fund vaibelchhe 6 a dawng tawh a ni.
2021- 2022 leh 2022- 2023 sawrkar kum huamchhunga DAY-NULM Scheme hnuaia hmalakna hi tehfung hrang hrang hmanga endik a nih hnu ah, kumin March 31 khan Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs chuan Mizoram chu SPARK Award 1st rank dawng tura thlangin, performance incentive cheng vaibelchhe 10 state sawrkar hnenah a rawn pe nghal a ni.

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