Vote chhiar hun sawn loh chuan lungawi lohna lantir tum

Tlawmngai pawl pangate intelkhawmna NGO Coordination Committee chuan Election Commission of India (ECI)-in Mizoram inthlan vote chhiar hun a sawn lo a nih chuan lungawi lohna lantir an tum.NGO Coordination Committee hi Inrinni khan Central YMA Committee Room-ah an thu a, “Inthlan vote chhiar hun sawn a nih theih nan Election Commission of India (ECI) hotute an hmunpui ngeiah sawipui tum a ni. Hei hian awmzia a neih loh chuan Protest Day hman tum a ni bawk,” tiin an thutkhawm zawhah thuchhuah an siam a ni.
ECI chuan vote chhiar hun atan December ni 3 a ruat a, hei hi Chawlhni a nih avangin tlawmngai pawlte hian sawn turin an ngen a, Chawlhni leh Inrinni ni lo ni danga sawn turin ECI an ngen a ni.
A tirah chuan vote chhiar hun sawn tura ngenna hi Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC) kaihhruaiin NGO Coordination Committee leh political party te’n an ngen a, November ni 9 khan MKHC hian Mizoram CEO (chief electoral officer) an hmu a, chumi hnuah vote chhiar hun sawn tura ngen chungchang hi NGO Coordination Committee kutah an dah ta a ni.
MKHC-in CEO an hmuh ni hian MPF leh political party panga, MNF, Congress, ZPM, BJP leh AAP te’n chief election commissioner hnena ngenna, CEO kutah hian an dah a, CEO hian Delhi-ah kengin ECI hotute a bia a, November ni 15 khan CEO hnen atangin ECI-in vote chhiar hun sawn an tum loh thu hi NGO Coordination Committee te’n an hre ta a ni.
Chumi hnuah tlawmngai pawlte hi Inrinni khan an thu a, ECI hotute kawm an tum thu leh chu chuan awmzia a neih loh chuan Protest Day hman an tum thu te an sawi bakah, “Vote chhiar hun sawn a nih theihna turin Mizoram Kohhran Hruaitute Committee (MKHC) pawh an hma zawnah theihtawp lo chhuah zel turin kan beisei bawk a ni,” an ti.

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