Warriors an tlawm nawn leh

Thawhleh zing khan NBA play-off khelh chhunzawm a ni a, play-off thawhkhatnaa tlawm tawh Golden State Warriors chu Sacramento Kings hneh lovin an tlawm nawn leh. Thawhleh zinga inkhel dangah Philadelphia 76ers in an khingpui Brooklyn Nets chu a vawi hnihna atan an hneh nawn leh a, series ah 2-0 in hma an hruai ve bawk.
Champion lai Golden State Warriors hian game khatnaa an hneh loh Kings hneh ngei tumin tan an khawh a, beiseiawm takin bul an tan. Warriors hian quarter khatnaah point 23 chauh thawkchhuak mah se point rukin chungnung zawkah an tang tho thung.
Champion lai Warriors hneh nawn leh tuma tan khawh Kings hi quarter hnihnaah an khel tha tak viau a. Point 12 zeta chung nungin, an khingpuite an lehthal a, point ruka hmahruai chungin chawlh-lawk an hmang.
Point rukna hmahruai mek Kings hi quarter thunmnaah point hnihin an chungnung zui leh a. Quarter hnuhnung berah point 31 ve ve thawkchhuaka an inhnawhtak vangin King hian Warriors lakah point 114-106 in hnehna an chang a, game hmasa pahnih lain, 2-0 in hma an hruai ta chiah. Kings laka tlawm zawn Warriors hi kum 2019 hnu lamah play-off-a an tlawm zawn hmasak ber tum a ni a, hun duhawm lo an tawng.
Thawhleh zinga inkhel dangah Philadelphia 76ers chuan game khatnaa an an hneh tawh Brooklyn Nets chu point 96-84 in an hneh nawn leh a. Game hmasa pahnih la zawnin, second round an hnaih leh zual.

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