World Cup khel tur South Sudan

Basketball inelna lian Fiba Basketball World Cup khel turin South Sudan chu a vawi khat nan an tling.
NBA legend Luol Deng a enkawl Sudan hian World Cup khel tur zawnna hnuhnunga an khingpui Senegal chu point 83-75 in an hneh. Baketball World Cup khelh turah hian Africa ram pangate inlan thei turin ruahmanna siam a ni a, Sudan an tlin hma hian Ivory Coast chu an lo tling chiang tawh bawk.
Fiba Basketball World Cup hi August 15- 10 September, 2023 chhung hian khelh a ni dawn a, ram pathum Indonesia, Japan leh Philippines ten an inthlen tawn dawn.
A vawi khatnana inelna lian hmachhawn tur South Sudan hi mihring maktaduai 11.5 vel chauh awmna ram niin, kum 2011 khan an in dang chauh. Kum thum kal ta khan ram leh ram inelna an hma-chhawn ve tan chauh. World Cup khel tura hruai thlengtu Luol Deng hi NBA player lar, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, LA Lakers leh Minnesota Timberwolves tan lo khel tawh thin a ni a. World Cup khel tur zawnnaah hian vawi 10 an khelhah vawi 9 zet an chak hial a ni.

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