World Poetry Day hmang

World Poetry Day hmang
Mizo Poetry Society (MIPOTY) leh Department of Mizo Pachhunga University College tangdun chuan World Poetry Day denchhenin Thawhlehni khan PU College Campus-ah ‘Seminar on Revisiting Mizo Poetry’ a buatsaih.
He hun hmanpuitu Youth Services minister Robert Romawia Royte chuan, tawng chu hnam ropuina a ni a. Mizoin tawng chi hrang hrang kan nei chu hnam tihausa tu a ni a. Chutihrualin tawng hman tlanglawn tur a awm chu tha a tih thu a sawi. Hemi kawngah hian Mizoramin kan hman tlanglawn ber, Duhlian tawng chu 8th Schedule-ah chuang ve ngei se a duh tih a sawi a ni.
“Mizo tawngin 8th Schedule hmanga ‘constitutional safeguard’ a neih chuan, kawng hrang hrangah hmasawnna a awm dawn. Research beitute, thuziakmite leh sumdawnna thlengin awlsam zawkna a thlen anga, Mizoram MP-te pawhin Parliament-ah mahni tawng ngeiin thu an sawi thei tawh anga, thalaiten UPSC Mains optional-ah literature subject pakhatah an hmang thei dawn a ni,” a ti.
World Poetry day seminar-ah hian MIPOTY member-te leh Pachhunga University College leh ICFAI University zirlaite an tel.

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