WPL champion hmasaber Mumbai Indians

WPL champion hmasaber

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Mumbai Indians
India rama twenty20 cricket inelna ngaihhlut hlawh Indian Premier League zulzuiin kumin hian Women’s Premier League season hmasaber khelh a ni a, Pathiannia Delhi Capitals hnehtu Mumbai Indians kutah WPL trophy hmasaber a lut.
Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai-a Pathianni inkhelah Mumbai Indians chuan wicket sarihin Delhi nulate hi an hneh a, team neitu Nita Mukesh Ambani hoin WPL champion hmasaber nih an lawm.
Delhi Capitals hian over 20-ah run 131 siamin wicket kua an hloh a; Mumbai Indians hian over 19.3-ah ball thum la nei chungin an target 132 an khum a, run 134 siama pathum chauh out chungin wicket sarihin an chak.

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