Zelensky ngenna khawthlang ram ten chhang

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky an khawthlang ram te ralthuam tha pe tura a ngenna chu ram tam takin an tihhlawhtlinsak dawn a.
US chuan ralthuam $ 2.5 billion hu an pek tur thu sawiin chung zingah chuan armoured vehicles leh air defence system te pawh a tel a.

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European ram thahnem tak te pawhin ralthuam an pek tur thu sawiin UK pawhin Kyiv hnenah hian missile za tel a pe dawn a ni.

Zirtawpni khan Germany-ah ram hrang hrangte chuan inhmuh-khawmna neiin Ukraine hnena ralthuam pek dan tur sawikhawmna an nei a ni.

Ninga ni khan Estonia-ah ram 11 ten inhmuhkhawmna an neihah Ukraine-in a ram hloh tawh te a laklet theih nan leh Russia hmasawn zel tur dan nana tanpuina pek dan tur hrang hrang sawihona an nei a.

Ram pakua- UK, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, the Netherlands leh Slovakia te chuan an puih ngei tur thu an intiam a.

Thuchhuah intawm an siamah UK chuan Ukraine hnenah Bromstone missile 600 a pe ang a, Denmark-in French siam Caesar self-propelled howitzers 19 a pe ang a, Latvia in Stinger air-defence systems, helicopter pahnih leh drone a pe ang a, Lithuania in anti-aircraft gun leh helicopter pahnih, Poland in S-60 anti-aircraft gun leh a mu 70,000 a pe ang a, Czech Republic in calibre ammunition lian, howitzers leh APCs te a pe thung ang.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace chuan, “Kum 2023 ah Ukrainian tena Russia an um kira hmasawnna tihchak a ngai a, Ukraine sovereignty a ngai anga a awm leh theih nan kan puih a ngai a ni,” tiin a sawi. US chuan Kyiv-in a ngenna angin Bradley armoured vehicles 59, Stryker personnal carrier 90 leh Avenger air defence system te pawh a pek tur zingah a tel bawk.
US hian February 2022 a Moscow-in Ukraine a run hnuah Ukraine tanpui nan $ 26.7 billion hu vel tanpuina a pe tawh a ni.

Ukraine hian German siam Leopard tank a dil bawk a. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz chu ram chhung leh pawn atangin he ralthuam pe tur hian an nawr nasa hle a. Poland leh Finland te chuan an Leopard tank te pek an remti tawh thung a. Mahse, pe turin a siamtu Germany phalna lak hmasak ngei a ngai si a ni.

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