Ziak leh chhiar thiamah Mizoram pathumna

Lok Sabha-ah union minister of state for education Annapurna Devi chuan ziak leh chhiar lama India ram dinhmun a sawi a, chutah chuan Mizoram chu pathumna a ni tih a sawi.
Zawhna leh chhanna, ziaka chhan chi chhangin minister chuan Kerala-ah ziak leh chhiar thiam 94% an nih thu leh, Lakshadweep (91.85%) leh Mizoram (91.33%) te’n an dawt tih a sawi.
Ziak leh chhiar thiam tlemna pawh a sawi a, Bihar (61.8%) te, Arunachal Pradesh (65.3%) leh Rajasthan (66.1%) te an nih thu a sawi.
India ram pumah thingtlangah ziak leh chhiar thiam hi 67.77% an nih thu leh khawpuiah 84.11% an nih thu a sawi bawk.

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