SEDP instalment 2-na sem hnai

SEDP Governing Board chu family oriented SEDP chungchang sawiin Thawhlehni khan chief minister Zoramthanga hoin an thukhawm a. Rang takin instalment hnihna sem tura inruahman nise an ti.
Sawrkar kum thar, 2023- 2024 chhunga SEDP sum hman dan tur sawi hoin, tuna beneficiary thlan tawh bak beneficiary dang thlan dan turte, puihna sem hun tur leh ngaihtuah tur pawimawh dang sawi a ni a. Kum 2022- 2023 chhunga beneficiary mi 60000 hnena puihna semah installment hnihna chu a kaihhnawih department-te hnenah pek a ni tawh tih report a ni. Beneficiary-te hnena kim taka pek thuai a nih theih nan kumin March ral hma hian buaipui ngai tur ang zawng zawng tihfel tura bawhzui nghal nise, tia rel a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian deputy chief minister Tawnluia, minister – Dr R Lalthangliana, Lalchamliana, R Lalzirliana, K Lalrinliana, Lalchhandama Ralte, Lalruatkima leh TJ Lalnuntluanga te bakah State Planning Board vice chairman H Rammawi leh Planning & Programme Implementation secretary Lalmalsawma Pachuau te an tel.

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