ZPM-in Chakma awmnaah Zonu Unit an din – Ruatkima

ZPM party hmeichhe pawl Zonu chuan Chakma hlang awmnaah ‘Zonu Unit’ an din a, kalphung thar a danglam hle tih MNF minister Lalruatkima chuan a sawi.
MNF Tuirial East Block conference Nilainia Nisapuia neih a hmanpuinaah MNF adviser ni bawk Lalruatkima chuan, ZPM-in kalphung thar an zuar a, Chakma hlang awmnaah Zonu unit te an din tiin, “An kalphung thar a danglam hle,” a ti. Lalna leh thuneihna an thlakhlelh luatah an lo sawi tawh thin zawng zawng anmahni ngeiin an phatsan zel tih a sawi.
Congress party chu pa tha tak Pu Lalsawta’n hruai mah se, a kang hleithei chuang lo tih sawiin, “That loh theih lohna bawm an zuar a, tha thei reng reng lote kha an awmkhawm a. Sawrkar meuh tur chuan an beisei awm lo. An bial tha thin minority bialah pawh BJP-in a ei te zel a, keini kan pung zel si,” a ti.
MNF-in inthlana manifesto a siam pawh a tihlawhtling deuh vek tawh Lalruatkima hian a sawi a. Lunglei Municipal Council pawh an tiam ang ngeiin an din a, a hringtu MNF-in mipui duhsakna changin sawrkarna an siam a ring tih a sawi a ni.

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