ZPM MLA-te inhmukhawm

Thawhlehni zan khan sorkarna siamtu tur ZPM MLA-te an inhmukhawm a, sorkar lakluh chungchang vel an thlir nia hriat a ni.
ZPM MLA-te hi ZPM leader Lalduhoma chenna in, Chawlhhmunah an inhmukhawm a, Assembly House-a ZPM Legislature Party din chungchang te, sorkar thar lakluh chungchang te an thlir tih thu dawn a ni.
ZPM Legislature Party-ah hian Lalduhoma chu leader tur chiang saah ngaih a ni a, secretary tur leh treasurer tur te an inruat a la ngai.
Thawhlehni zana inhmuhkhawmnaa tel tur hian Aizawla awm lote pawh an inkokhawm a, tel kim thei tura beisei an ni.
“Inhmuhkhawm tur tih hi kan hriat chu a ni mai a, agenda chu kan hre lawk bik lo,” MLA pakhat chuan a ti a, legislature party thar din chungchang leh sorkar lakluh hun chungchang te an sawi dawn ni turah an ngai tih a sawi.
Sorkar lakluh hi Zirtawpnia neih tur nia sawi a ni a, mahse hemi chungchanga biakpawh ZPM MLA-te chuan an hriat rih loh thu leh hriattirna an la dawn loh thu an sawi.
Minister tur chungchangah thu chiang a la awm lo nia hriat a ni a, ZPM hruaitu pakhat chuan chief minister turin Val Upa Council rawn chungin an thlang dawn niin a sawi.

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