023 Hyundai Creta India-ah tlangzarh

Hyundai Motor India chuan 2023 Creta chu India-ah an tlangzarh ta a, a model a zirin a man hi showroom-ah Rs 10,84,000 atanga Rs 19,13,000 man te a ni. Hyundai Creta thar hian a model zawng zawngah airbag paruk a rawn nei ta vek a, petrol engine leh diesel engine awmin, petrol hmang hi a model tinah a thar hi Rs 20,000 velin a to zawk vek a, diesel engine-ah chuan Rs 45,000 velin a to zawk vek thung.

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A power leh torque pekchhuah theihah danglam a awm lo va, mahse, E20-compliant niin, 20% Ethanol-blended fuel a hmang thei a, hei bakah hian Creta thar engine hi RDE compliant niin, MIDC (Modified Indian Test Cycle) test paltlang niin company lam chuan an tarlang.

2023 Hyundai Creta diesel engine-in SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system a hmang a, hei hi a khu tichhuah control-na niin, diesel leh petrol hmang hian idle start/stop technology a model tinah an nei ta vek bawk.
A chuangte himna atan model tinah airbag paruk a awm a, ESC, Hill Assist, VSM, rear disc brake, seat-belt height adjustment leh ISOFIX mounts a nei bawk. A hnunglam seat hi 60:40 split/fold feature a nei bawk.

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