Shane Hawkins-a’n 2022 Drumeo Award a dawng

A pa chu drummer hriathlawh Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins a ni a, a pa boral hnuah a pa hnung zuiin drummer tana chawimawina sang 2022 Drumeo Award-ah Performance of the Year a dawng. A hming chu Shane Hawkins a ni a, tleirawl kum 17 mi chauh a la ni zui.

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Shane Hawkins hi nikum September a Wembley Stadium-a Foo Fighters-in Taylor Hawkins hriatreng nana all-star tribute concert an buatsaih-ah chuan Foo Fighters hla ‘My Hero’-ah a pa aiawhin drums a rawn vua a, khata tang khan rimawi khawvelah thawm a nei nghal hak a, drums vuak thiam zia pawh hahipin an sawi a nih kha.

Tuna a award dawn hian rimawi khawvel, a bik takin drums khawvelah chuan a hming a tithang lehzual dawn a, a award dawn hi an sawi fiahnaah chuan 2022-a performance en ngei ngei tur chi, event-a full band anga chetna emaw, solo studio video emaw atanga thlan chhuah nalh a ni.

2022 Drumeo Award-ah hian Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith chuan ‘drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Slipknot atangin Jay Weinberg-a’n ‘drum recording of the year’ a dawng a, Harry Styles live drummer Sarah Jones chuan ‘pop drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Terri Lyne Carrington chuan ‘jazz drumer of the year’ dawngin, Fred Eltringham chuan ‘country drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Guilliana Merello chuan R&B/hip-hop drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Nate Smith-a’n ‘soul/funk drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Travis Barker-a’n ‘rock drummer of the year’ a dawng a, Genesis member Phil Colins-a’n lifetime achievement ‘Buddy Rich Award’ a dawng bawk.

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