2023-ah Lawngtlai district ah malaria vei hmuh 7000+

Kum 2023 chhung khan Lawngtlai district malaria hrik lai mi 7915 hmuhchhuah an ni a, mi 6-in nunna an chan phah.
District Task Force on Malaria Elimination leh District Level Task Force on Immunization Lawngtlai chu Nilaini khan an thukhawm a. District bawrhsap Cheemala Siva Gopal Reddy chuan a kaihruai.
Report a nih danin, National Framework for Malaria Elimination chuan mi 1000 zelah mi 2 aia tlem, Annual Parasite Incident (API) an awm tur a ni a ti a. Lawngtlai district-ah kum 2023 chhung khan API hi 54.12 niin, category III-ah a awm a ni. Kum 2023 chhung khan mi 47811 endik atangin 7915 chuan malaria hrik an pai tih hmuhchhuah a ni a. Malaria vangin mi 6 nunna chan an awm.
Malaria do beihpui thlakna atan khaw tinah thosi len damdawia chiah (Long Lasting Insecticidal Net) sem chhuah tum a ni a. Chumi atan chuan thosi len 105537 ruahman a ni. Khaw hrang hrangah malaria laka inven dan zirtirna kalpui tum a nih bakah khaw 143-ah thosi hlo kah tum a ni.
Lawngtlai district-a natna hrang hrang venna tur vaccine pek tum a ni bawk a. March 5-7 chhunga National Immunization Day hman turah naupang kum 5 chin 13167 hnenah zenghri danna pek tum niin, polio vaccination booth 203, transit booth 3 leh house to house-a kalchilh visit kaltlang a pek tum a ni. Hei bakah hian raltlan naupang 740 tuam tel tum a ni.

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