Dan zir

District Legal Services Authority Lunglei buatsaihin nimin khan Hnahthialah Mizo dan leh hrai, hmeichhe dikna chanvo leh danin hmeichhiate a humhalh dan inzirtirna ‘The Mizo Marriage, Divorce & Inheritance of Property Act and Laws relating to Women’ buatsaih a ni a. Advocate B Laldinpuia chu resource person a ni. MHIP, MUP, VC leh chanchinbumite bakah Govt Hnahthial College zirlaite an tel. Programme zawh hian Hnahthial bazar-ah mobile Lok Adalat neih a ni a, sum ba thubuai, pasal then tana mahni leh fate chawmna thubuai, ram inchuh thubuai leh thubuai dang neite tan thubuai rem hun buatsaih a ni.

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