2023 BMW X1 India-ah tlangzarh

BMW chuan Inrinni kalta khan 2023 BMW X1 SUV chu India-ah an tlangzarh a, petrol hmang chu showroom-ah Rs 45,90,000 atangin a man a intan a, booking an hawng a, diesel hmang chu Rs 47,90,000 atangin a man a intan ve thung. He SUV thar hi diesel hmang chu March thla atangin an hralh chhuak tan dawn a, petrol hmang chu June thla atangin an hralh chhuak tan ve thung ang.

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BMW chuan X1 thar hi SAV (Sports activity vehicle) an ti a, a model hmasa aiin a lian hret a, 55mm-in a sei zawk a, 24mm-in a lian zawk a, 44mm-in a sang zawk a, a wheelbase pawh 22mm-in a sang zawk bawk. A design pawh an tidanglam nual a, a hmalam grille a lian zawk a, LED headlamp nalh zek zawk tak mai neiin, 18-inch alloy wheels a nei thar a, a hnunglamah pawh LED taillamp nalh zet mai a nei bawk.

A chhunglam pawh an tidanglam nual a, a dashboard design an tithar nual a, curved infotainment display leh instrument cluster neiin, floating instrument console a nei bawk a, hetah hian gear selector leh control button hrang hrang a awm bawk. 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster leh 10.70-inch infotainment screen neiin, 12-speaker Harmon Kardon sound system, wireless Apple CarPlay leh Android Auto a support a, connected car technology a nei bawk.

A mechanical-ah chuan 2023 BMW X1 hi 1.5-litre, three-cylinder turbo petrol engine a awm a, hei hi 136bhp leh 230Nm torque pechhuak thei niin, 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine a awm bawk a, 150 bhp leh 360 Nm torque pechhuak thei a ni ve thung. Petrol leh diesel engine hian 7-speed dual-clutch automatic gerabox an nei ve ve bawk. Company lam chuan petrol engine hi second 9.2 chhungin 0-100 kmph a chakin a tlan hman niin an chhal a, diesel engine hi chuan 8.9 second chhungin 0-100 kmph hi a thleng man niin an sawi ve thung.

India-ah chuan BMW X1 hi Audi Q3, Mercedes Benz GLA leh Volvo XC40 te nen an inel dawn a ni.

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