2023 Yamaha FZ-X, R15 V4, MT-15 V2 India-ah tlangzarh

Yamaha Motor India chuan an motorcycle thenkhat chu update-in 2023 model an tlangzarh a, tunah chuan Yamaha motorcycle ho hian Traction Control System (TCS) an nei vek tawh a, model thenkhat FZ-S, FZ-X, R15 leh MT -15 ho hi an thuam thar vek bawk.
Yamaha FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe & FZ-X: 2023 FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe model hi a headlight design an update a, TCS bakah LED flasher a nei thar a, FZ-X pawhin TCS bakah LED flasher leh colour scheme thar neiin, Dark Matte Blue an telh thar bawk.
Yamaha FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe hi Delhi showroom-ah Rs 1,27,400 man a ni a, FZ-X (Dark Matte Blue) hi Rs 1,36,900 man niin, R15M hi Rs 1,93,900 man a ni a, MT15 V2 Deluxe hi Rs 1,81,900 man a ni ve thung.
FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe leh FZ-X model te hian single-channel ABS leh a ke hnungah disc brake neiin, multi-function LCD instrument cluster, LED headlight, a hnunglamah tire-hugging mudguard neiin, engine guard an tihniam deuh a, a mechanical-ah tihdanglam a awm lo va, 149cc single-cylinder engine neiin, 12.4 bhp @ 7,250 rpm leh 13.3 Nm torque @ 5,500 rpm pechhuak thei a ni.
FZS-Fi V4 Deluxe leh FZ-X te hi E20 fuel compitable niin,tunah chuan Yamaha motorcycle zawng zawngin on-board diagnostics (OBD-II) System an neih vek tawh dawn a, hei hian a khu tichhuah dan a monitor dawn a ni.
Yamaha R15M & MT-15 V2 Deluxe: 2023 R15M hian colour TFT Meter neiin, gear shift indicator a awm tawh a, Track & Street selector leh LED flasher neiin, ‘Dark Knight’ paint scheme an tichhuak thar bawk.
2023 Yamaha MT-15 V2 Deluxe hian dual-channel ABS neiin, LED flasher a nei thar bawk. MT-15 V2 Deluxe hi tunah chuan Metallic Black rawng a awm tel tawh dawn bawk a ni.
R15M leh MT-15 V2 Deluxe te hian 155 cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC neiin, 4 valve motor leh Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system a nei a, 6-speed gearbox leh Assist leh Slipper clutch a nei bawk. A engine hi 18.4 bjp @ 10,000 rpm leh 14.2 Nm tirque @ 7.500 rpm pechhuak thei a ni.

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