A nihna tur ni loa sum hmanna ka hmu – Union MoS for DoNER

A nihna tur ni loa sum hmanna
ka hmu – Union MoS for DoNER
Sawrkar laipuiin hmasawnna tur sum a pek, a nihna tur ni loa hman avanga hmasawnna a nih tur ang nih loh phah a hmu tih Union minister of state for DoNER leh Cooperation BL Verma chuan a sawi.
Mizoram tlawhtu BL Verma hian Thawhlehni tlai khan BJP State office tlawhin an party mite nen an inkawm a. India ramah Pu Modi kaihhruai sawrkarna hnuaiah nasa takin development a thleng a, miretheiten an mamawh an dawn chu an hmalakna pui ber, mi zawng zawng hnena development thlensak chu an tum ber a nih avangin Mizoramah pawh chu hmasawnna chu a taka mipuiin an chan an duhpui em em tih a sawi.
“India ram state hrang hrangah sawrkar laipuiin sum a pe thin a. Mizoramah pawh chutiang chuan central-in sum tam tak Mizoram tan kan pe. Nimahsela a nihna tur anga sum hman ni lo hi ka rawn hmu a, chutiang avang chuan thingtlang khaw tam takah leh khawpuiah pawh development kan hmuh tur ang kan hmu thei lo tih hi Mizoram mipui ka hrilh duh,” a ti.
Development tak tak a thlen theihna tur chuan BJP sawrkar a ngai nia sawiin, state-a sawrkarna leh central-a sawrkarna chu development thlen theihna’na pawimawh ber, double engine sawrkar chu Mizoram mamawh ber leh miretheiten leirem an rah ve na tura kawng pawimawh ber a ni tiin a sawi bawk.
Lengpui Airport sakthatna tur sum pawh an pek vek tawh thu leh kum 2021-a sak zawh tur a nih tawh laia, Covid-19 hrileng avanga sak zawh hun tura tih chu pawhsei sak tawh niin, tunah kum hnih chhung pawhsei sak an dil leh tih Union MoS for DoNER hian a sawi a. Nimahse, kumin October chhunga sa zo turin a ti thung tih a sawi a ni.
BJP Mizoram president Vanlalhmuaka chuan Upper Republic to Raj Bhavan inkar BJP office kawt fly over cum parking siamna tur a lo dil chu Union MoS hian tihhlawhtlin sak a tum thu a hrilh tih BJP thuchhuah chuan a tarlang.

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