MBBS pass tharte ka lawmpui – Lal Thanzara

MBBS pass tharte ka lawmpui
– Lal Thanzara
Zoram Medical College-a doctor zir, pass chhuak hmasa berte chu a lawmpui tih Health minister hlui Lal Thanzara chuan a sawi.
MPCC vice president Lal Thanzara hian thuchah siamin, Congress sawrkar laia harsa taka an lo din, Mizoram Institute of Medical Education & Reasearch (MIMER), MNF sawrkarin Zoram Medical College (ZMC) tia hming a thlak takin final result tha tak a nei thei ta leh, doctor zirlai batch hmasa ber 95 zinga 68 (71.57%) in MBBS an pass chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi a. Zirlai hlawhtlinna changte a lawmpui rualin, hlawhtling ve ta rih lote a tawrhpui a, hlawhtling zui ngei turin duhsakna a hlan tih a sawi.
‘Mizoramin medical college a neihchhunin MBBS result hmasa ber tha tak a nei hi Mizoram tan hmasawnna ropui tak, hriatreng tlak ni ah ka ngai a. Medical college a hlawhtlinna atana tha thawhtu zawng zawng, chief minister hlui Pu Lal Thanhawla leh sum mamawh engkim ngaihtuahtu, a hunlaia Finance minister Pu Lalsawta leh hotu dang, official zawng zawngte ka chhuang takzet a. Pathian leh mipui zara medical college din a nih laia Health minister ka lo nih tawhna angin, medical college din a nih theihna’na tha thawhtute chungah leh Pathian hnenah lawmthu ka sawi thar a ni,’ a ti.

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