By Lalchuailova,
I.T.I. Mualpui

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Aizawl hi kum 1810 – 1821 lai velin Lalsavunga’n a lo luah/thut tawh ni a hriat a ni. (Source: |obul by K.Zawla leh Zawlkhawpui by B.Lalthangliana). Chumi hnuah Mizo lal ropui Suakpuilala fapa Thanruma chuan Aizawl hi kum sawm (10) vel a luah/thut ve leh a. A pa a thih tak avangin vaiho hnenah chhiah khawn a remchan zawk a rin avangin Tanhril lamah a pem san ve leh a. Tichuan Aizawl hmun chu a ruak leh ta a ni.
Mizote hi hnam dang r

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