Anushka leh Virat te bodyguard hlawh a tam

A ruaitu ten an hlawh tam bawk a, bodyguard Prakash Singh chuan India-a company CEO then khat ai pawhin a hlawh sang zawk tlat mai. Bollywood star Anushka Sharma leh a pasal cricketer Virat Kohli te bodyguard, Sonu an tih mai, a hming tak Prakash Singh hian kum khatah cheng vaibelchhe 1.2 a hlawh niin Times of India-in an tarlang a, thlatin Rs 10,00,000 hlawh ang a ni.

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Milarte bodyguard te hlawh hi a sang hlawm viau a, chung zingah chuan Sonu hlawh hi a sang ber te zinga mi a ni. Sonu hi Anushka te bodyguard-ah hian a tang rei ve tawh viau a, anni pawhin chhungkhat ang thawthangin an en tawh niin an tarlang a, a pianchampha thlengin kumtin an lawm sak ziah a ni.

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