AR chhuah nan hma la

Budget Session neih mekah chief minister Zoramthanga’n Assam Rifles an chhuah nan hmalak mek a nih thu a sawi.
Aizawl North I bialtu Vanlalhlana zawhna, ziaka chhan chu, ‘Assam Rifles te hi an chhuak tak tak dawn em?’ tih chu chief minister, GAD changtu hian “Assam Rifles te hi chhuak tak tak turin hmalak mek a ni,” tiin a chhang a ni.
Khawi te nge an chhuahsan tur tia zawhna chhangin chief minister chuan, main area (Lammual ram), Mandir hmun, Assam Rifles Church area, McDonald Hill-a Assam Rifles awmna, Commandant Bungalow (Loch House), Chite-a firing range leh Mizoram sorkar leh sorkar laipuiin a tihtluk apiangte a nih thu a sawi.

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