OSD to CM tan cheng nuai 21 seng

Budget Session neih mekah chief minister Zoramthanga’n OSD to Chief Minister tana senso hrang hrang House a hrilh a, a vaiin Rs 21,59,197 a ni.
Aizawl North II bialtu Dr Vanlalthlana zawhna, ziaka chhan chi chhanga chief minister, finance changtuin a sawi danin, senso tam ber chu OSD to chief minister office-a thawk mi pahnihte senso a ni.
Office staff pahnih, co-terminus-a thawk an awm a, PA-in 2022-ah Rs 6,39,199 a hlawh a, 2023-ah Rs 57,911 a hlawh. LDC-in 2022-ah Rs 4,27,654 a hlawh a, 2023-ah Rs 38,731 a hlawh.
TA/Da atan 2021-ah Rs 64,193, 2023-ah Rs 4,02,050 sen a ni a, MR Bill-ah 2022-ah Rs 1,44,459 sen a ni. Vehicle outsoursing atan 2021-ah Rs 1,05,000, 2022-ah Rs 2,80,000 sen a ni.
OSD to Chief Minister hi Rosangzuala a ni a, 2021 September ni 14-ah he hna hi chelh \anin, thla khatah cheng khat a hlawh. Kumin January ni 25-ah banna a thehlut a ni.

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