Bad Bunny-a’n 1B view hlawh thei video 10 a nei ta

Bad Bunny hla lar hmasa, 2016-a a tihchhuah tawh music video ‘Soy Peor’ music video chuan YouTube-ah vawi tluklehdingawn en a hlawh ve ta, Bad Bunny music video vawi tluklehdingawn en hlawh thei 10-na a ni.
Bad Bunny hi Latin artist zinga hlawhtling ber pawl niin, IFPI Global Album Award 2022 a dawng a, Latin artist zinga IFPI global award dawng hmasa ber a ni. He award a dawn theihna chhan hi a album ‘Un Verano Sin Ti’ vang a ni a, he album hi Billboard 200 (albums) chart-ah pawh kar 13 a No.1 thei a, Spanish tawng hlang album zinga Grammy Awards-a album of the year category-a nominate hmasak ber a ni bawk.

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