Bawlhhlawh paihna a kang

Aizawl bawlhhlawh paihna hmun, Tuiriala Solid Management Centre chu Ningani khan a kang a, \helh tuma beih nghal a ni.
AMC executive councilor i/c solid waste management Laltlanzova Khiangte chuan \helh tuma theihtawp chhuah nghal a nih thu leh, mei kawng te pawh sial nghal a nih thu a sawi.
Sual vang emaw tute emaw fimkhur loh vang emaw a nih loh thu a sawi a, “A hmun hian min zo lo a, vanduai thilah a kang ta a ni ber mai,” tiin The Aizawl Post a hrilh.
A sawi danin, bawlhhlawh inchhekkhawl nasa lutuk inup a\angin mei alh a insiam a, bawlhhlawh inup vanga methane gas insiam a\angin a kang ta a ni.
He Centre-ah hian bawlhhlawh ton 70-80 vel truck 150 velin ni tin an paih a, a hmun hian a zo lo tih a sawi.
Bawlhhlawh hi sawngbawl a nih thu a sawi a, bawlhhlawh hi lei \ha siam nan hman a nih thu te, recycle \hin a nih thu a sawi a, sarang lam chi thliarin cement factory-ah hralh \hin a nih thu a sawi bawk. Mahse chung chu a tawk zawh loh chang a awm a, bawlhhlawh indelh muk, inup sa a\angin mei alh a insiam \a a ni, a ti.
Incinerator ngaihtuah mek a nih thu leh rei lo teah hman theih beisei a nih thu a sawi a, bawlhhlawh thliarna tur segragation machine pawh rei lo teah neih theih beisei a nih thu te sawiin, chung te peih fel a nih chuan harsatna sutkian theih a beiseiawm thu a sawi.

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