BBMA sem hun tur an puang

2023 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA) chu November ni 19-ah an sem dawn tih an puang a, US-a music event lian ber te zinga pakhat hi a hun an sawn hla ta deuh a ni.
BBMA hi 1990 a\anga sem \an niin December-ah an sem \hin a, mahse, 2011 a\angin award semna hi May thlaah an sawn hnai a, 2020-ah COVID-19 hripui leng avangin October-ah an sem tih loh chuan May thlaah hlir an sem ta a, kumina a sem hun sawn hlein, November ni 19 an tinzawn leh ta a ni.
2023 BBMA hi Billboard chart hrang hranga November ni 19, 2022 leh October ni 21, 2023 inkara zaithiam te chet \hat dan a\anga tehin, audio leh video streaming, album leh hla hralh tam dan, radio airplay leh touring thlengin an en tel dawn a, heta \ang hian finalist (nominee an ti ve lo) an siam dawn a ni.

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