Beer tlem in a tha

Italian mithiam ten zirchianna an neih hnuah regular taka beer tlem tlema in hian wine ang bawkin lung (heart) lam natna risk a tihniam thei niin an sawi.
Fondazioune di Ricerce e Cura “Giovanni Paolo II”, Campobasso, Italy-a Research Laboratories-a mithiam te chuan mipa tan nitin beer no hnih leh hmeichhe tan no khat regular taka in hian a in ve ngai lo te aiin lung lam natna neih theihna risk 31% in a tihniam thei niin an sawi.
Zirchiannaa an hotu Simona Costanzo chuan, “Kan zirchiannaah hian beer leh wine chu a hranpa ve vein kan kalpui a, tlem tlema nitin hian lung lam natna a tihniam thei a, chutih rualin, in tam chuan a thatna hi a tlahniam telh telh a, a hlauhawm zawk a ni. Meta-analysis hmangin beer leh wine in te hi direct comparision a ti theih a, kan data neih te hmangin heng in chi (beverage) chihnih te risk curve hi kan teh thei a, a intluk thial a ni,” a ti.
Statistic Unit of Research Laboratories-a hotupa Augusto Di Castelnuovo chuan, “Kan hriatreng tur chu, tuna kan sawi hi regular taka tlem tlem in a ni a, kan in tam leh lutuk chuan a hlauhawm zawk hlauh a ni. Wine leh beer hi kan lifestyle-ah a bet tawh a. No khat chu chaw tha te nen a hun dik taka in chuan hriselna a ni a, mahse, chintawk lem nei lova in te tan chuan he research vanga ngaih lo tih that ve ngawt tur a ni lova, an ngaih a tha lo zawk tur a ni,” a ti.
He zirchianna chungchang hi European Journal of Epidemiology-ah tarlan a ni.

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