Bella Thorne leh Mark Emms inhual

Bella Thorne leh Mark Emms inhual
Hollywood star Bella Thorne chuan Benjamin Mascolo nena an inhualna an tihtawp hnuah producer Mark Emms nen an inhual ve leh ta a, inhualna zungbun, 10-carat lunghlu zungbun pawh a bun tle leh ta vât vât e.
Benjamin Mascolo nena an inhualna an titawp a\angin kum a vei awrh chauh a la ni a, mahse, he Disney Channel star hi Netflix docuseries ‘Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives’ producer nen inneih tumin an inhual fel leh ta.
Bella Thorne, kum 25, leh Mark Emms te hi 2022 khan Ibiza-a supermodel leh hollywood star, a \hiannu ni bawk Cara Delevingne birthday party-a intawng an ni a, Vogue chanchinbuin an kawmnaah Bella chuan, “Love at first sight a ni e,” a ti nghe nghe a ni.
Bella leh Mark te hi New York City hotspot The Mulberry neitu nihna in\awm an ni a, August 2022 khan Mykonos, Greece-ah chawlh hmangin an zin dun a, heta \ang hian an inzui tih a thang ta nghal a ni.

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