Braille text book hlan

Braille text book hlan
Mizorama a vawikhatna atan mitdel hawrawp-a chhut, SCERT text book hlanna chu Ningani khan Tribal Art Centre Tanhrilah hman a ni.
He hun hmanpuitu Social Welfare minister Er Lalrinawma chuan a vawikhatna atan Mizoramah ngei mitdel hawrawp (Braille) a chhut, zirlaibu buatsaih a ni chu rualbanlote hmakhua ngaihtuahtu department changtu a nih ang pawhin a lawm hle, tiin, hetiang hlawhtlinna nei tura department lama thawktu leh hma la tawh thinte chungah lawmthu a sawi.
He scheme hnuaiah hian Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment chuan Braille Press dinna tur a rawn tum a, a thawktute rawih leh an lawmman tur, a hmunhma leh tul dang chu state sawrkar kutah a dah tih sawiin, “Finance department-in a pawimawhna min hriatpui a, hetianga hma lak theih a ni hi finance changtu chief minister Pu Zoramthanga chungah lawmthu ka sawi a ni,” a ti.
Pianphunga harsatna neite tana chenna hmun nuam leh hlimawm buatsaih turin kan zavaiin mawh kan phur tih Er Lalrinawma hian a sawi a. Right of Person with Disabilities Act 2016-in a phut thilte tihhlawhtlinna atan ‘Scheme for Implementation of PwD’ kalpuiin, rualbanloten midang ruala hmasawnna an ban phak theihna’n ‘Accessible India Campaign’ hnuaiah sawrkar building 27-ah a remchan dan angin ramp leh lift, vawnban, inthiarna remchang zawkte siam a ni tih a sawi. RPwD Rules 2017 tlawhchhana Ministry of Urban Development-in a chhuah ‘Harmonised Guidelines and Space Standard for Barrier Free Environment for PwD and Elderly Person’ hnuaiah kan in sak danah rualbanlote tana lawiluh nuama siam turin sawrkar, company, mimalten mawh kan phur theuh tih a sawi bawk.

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