C. Vanlalroluahtumi ‘Lungpui Nghet’

Mizo Idol runner up C. Vanlalroluahtumi chuan a official music video hmasa ber ‘Lungpui Nghet’ tih hla chu zanin hian a tichhuak dawn ta a, MDM official channel-ah dah a ni ang.
He hla hu Nipuii Varte phuah a ni a, Hlimhlimi sak ‘Ka Hlan A Che’ tih hla leh Lalduhsaki ‘I Fak Ang U’ tih hla te pawh kha Nipuii phuah hi a ni. A hla thluk hi T. Laldintluanga siam a ni ve thung.
Live recording niin, musician te hi Vistea (keyboard), Rema (bass), Philip (guitar) leh Zta Khawlhring (drums) te an ni a, backing vocals Rempuii, Tetei leh Effie te an ni bawk.

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