Camp Victoria beih hnuah rin aiin raltlan tam

January ni 10 leh ni 11-a Myanmar sipai te’n indo thlawhna leh bomb hmanga Camp Victoria an beih hnuah Mizoramah raltlan an pung a, rin aiin an thahnem tih thu dawn a ni.

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Champhai bawrhsap James Lalrinchhana’n raltlan lut thar hi rin aia thahnem an nih thu a sawi a, an pun a rinawm thu a sawi bawk.
“A theih chin chinah kan verify a, rin aiin an thahnem a. An rawn luh belh dawn pawh a ang,” tiin The Aizawl Post a hrilh.
Tuna an hriat theih chinah Farkawn, Samthang leh Thekte-ah te raltlan lut thar hi an awm a, Farkawn chu an tam berna a nih thu a sawi.
Chin National Army (CNA) hmunpui Camp Victoria bul vel khuaa mite an ralmuang lo a, thuthang te a awm a, an khua an bei leh dawn tih sawi thawm te a awm a, chumi karah chuan jet fighter thawm hriat tur te a lo awm bawk nen, mipui an ralmuang lo tih chu Champhai bawrhsap sawi dan a ni.
January ni 18 thleng khan Farkawn-ah raltlan lut thar hi mi 231 an awm a, Samthang-ah mi 17. Thekte-ah mi pathum an awm.
Heng khaw pathumte hi raltlan awmna sa, nikum lama Mizorama rawn tlanchhiate awmna sa a ni a, Champhai bawrhsap office-in an chhinchhiah danin Farkawn-ah hian mi 1222, Samthangah mi pasarih, Thekte-ah mi 217 an awm sa.
Champhai bawrhsap hian home department-ah raltlan lut thar zat hi a report tawh tih thu dawn a ni.

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