Nikumah ruihhlo vanga thi zat tlahniam

Mizoramah ruihhlo a hluar a, mahse vanneihthlak takin kum liam taah khan a hma kum aiin ruihhlo vanga nunna chan an tlem.

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Mizoram Excise & Narcotics (MEN) department-in an chhinchhiah danin, 2022-ah khan Mizoramah mi 43-in nunna an chan a, mipa 39 leh hmeichhia pathum an ni. A hma kum 2021-ah khan mipa 39 leh hmeichhia pariat, an vaiin mi 47-in nunna an chan.
2020-ah khan mi 67-in nunna an chan a, mipa 61 leh hmeichhia paruk an ni. 2019-ah mi 55-in nunna an chan a, 2018-ah mi 56-in, 2017-ah mi 65-in, 2016-ah mi 59-in an chan a, 2016 hnuah 2022 kha ruihhlo vanga nunna chan an tlem ber kum a ni.
2022-a ruihhlo vanga nunna chante vanduainaah hian heroin a tel vek; mi 19 chu heroin vanga vanduai an ni a, mi dang 24-te chu heroin leh damdawi ruihhlo dang khawih pawlh an ni.
January ni 13 thleng khan kuminah mi pathumin ruihhlo vangin nunna an chan tawh a, mipa vek an ni.
MEN department chhinchhiah danin, 1984 a\anga kumin January ni 3 thlengin Mizoramah mi 1736-in nunna an chan tawh a, mipa 1531 leh hmeichhia 205 an ni.

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