Celtics in final an lut

Thawhtan zing khan Eastern Conference play-off semi-final khelh zawh a ni a. Inkhel hmuhnawm takah Boston Celtics chuan point 112-88 in Philadelphi 76ers an hneh a, final an lut. Eastern Conference final-ah Miami Heat an hmachhawn zui leh ang.
Final lut tur zawk tihchianna inkhelah Boston Celtics hian bul an tan tha lova, quarter hmasa berah point ruk zetin hnufual zawkah an tang nghal. Quarter hmasa ber leh quarter hnuhnung berah hnufual zawk ni ve ve mah se quarter laihawla an chetthat an chhawr tangkai a, hnehne pawimawh tak an chang tho thung.
Quarter hmasa berah point ruka an hnufual hnuin Celtics an insiamtha thuai a, quarter hnihnaah point 9 in chungnung zawkah an tang a, point thuma hmahruai chungin chawlhlawk an hmang. Chawlhlawk hnu lamah khel tha chhunzawmin, quarter thumnaah point 23 zetin chungnung zawkah an tang ta mai a, final lut turin an dinhmun a tha tawh hle. Quarter thumnaah point 10 lek thawkchhuak a, chhe fahrana inlan 76ers hi quarter hnuhnung berah an insiamtha a, point hnihin chungnung zawkah an tang. Quarter hnuhnung berah point hniha sangin, Celtics nen an inkar tizim hret mah se 76ers hian point 24 zetin an khingpuite an umphak lova, final lut zo lovin an tla ta a ni.
Semi-final game sarihnaah hnehna pawimawh tak an chan theih nan Jayson Tatum chuan Boston Celtics tan a thawhhlawk hle a, point 51 zet a thawkchhuak. Season kal meka play-off ah point 50 zet thawkchhuak a, point thawkchhuak hnem ber record Stephen Curry-a siam chu Jayson Tasum hian 76ers lakah a khum a. Point 51 zet a thawhchhuah bakah hian ball sawhlet vawi 13 a dawn tlin bakah assist vawi nga a nei tling bawk. Celtics tan hian Jaylen Brown chuan point 25 a thawkchhuak ve bawk.
Final lut tur zawk tihchianna inkhel pawimawh takah hian MVP thar Joel Embiid chu Celtics in an dang hneh hle a, Embiid hian point 15 chiah a thawkchhuak. Celtics hian Eastern Conference final-ah Miami Heat an hmachhawn zui leh dawn a, ningani zing khian final game khatna an khel tan ang.

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