Champion thar Diego Pacheco

Pathianni zing khan boxing-a super-middleweight huangah kawng-hren inchuhna inhnek a awm a. Diego Pacheco chuan an khingpui Jack Cullen chu round linaah a knockout a, world champion thar a ni. Inhnek dangah Rhiannon Dixon chuan a khingpui Vicky Wilkinson hnehin, Commonwealth lightweight champion thar a ni ve bawk.
Liverpool a inhnekah hian hrengtu nei lova WBO International super-middleweight kawnghren awm mek chu Diego Pacheco leh Jack Cullen ten an inchuh a. American boxer Pacheco hi beisei phak baka a chetthat tak vangin inhnek a rei lo va, round lina lekah inhnek tihtawp a ngai. Round linaah Pacheco hian fuh zet zetin a khingpui a hnek fuh a, referee a inrawlh thuai a, inhnek tihtawp niin Pacheco chu World champion thar a lo ni ta a ni.
WBO International super-middleweight champion thar Pacheco hian inhnek vawi 18 hmachawn tawhin a la chak vek a. A hneh tawh 18 zingah 15 zet hi knockout hmanga a hneh a ni nghe nghe.
Pathianni zinga inhnek dangah Rhiannon Dixon leh Vicky Wilkinson ten hmeichhe lama Commonwealth lightweight champion nih an inchuh a. Round ruknaah Dixon chuan hnehna chang hmangin kawnghren a hlawhchhuak ve bawk.

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