Chawimawina dawngtute lawmpui

Kumina Aizawla Republic Day lawmnaa Excise & Narcotic Department atanga hna thawk tha chawimawina – Governor’s medal dawngte chu Nilaini khan Excise &Narcotics minister Er Lalrinawma chuan lawmpuina a buatsaih.

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Ram leh hnam tana kan thil tih apiangah rinawm, taima leh thawkrima kan tih tur leh tih loh tur kan thliar thiam a pawimawh tih minister hian a sawi a. Chawimawina an dawn theih chhan chu department enkawltu leh hruaitu tha an neih vang a ni, tiin, hruaitu thain hruaitu tha bawk a chherchhuak thin tih a taka an hmuh thu a sawi.

Excise & Narcotics Department thawhrimna fakin, ruihhlo dona kawngah mahni nun thapa an thawhna chu chhuanawm a tih thu a sawi a ni.

Republic Day 2023 puala Governor medal dawngtute chu – SI Lalnithang (Gold medal), driver Laldanglova (Silver medal), contable Jessy Remsangzuala (Gold medal) leh constable H Lalzirliana (Silver medal) te an ni.

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