Chess set rem zo rang record siam

Puducherry, India a cheng S. Odelia Jasmine chuan second 29.85 chhungin chess set a rem zo hman a, chess set rem zo rang Guinness World Record a siam.
Hetiang record siam tur hian Odelia Jasmine hian a kut pakhat chauh a hmang a, chess piece pawh vawi khatah pakhat tê tê a rem tur a ni a, chess mat a hring leh a var hmangin, chutah chuan hmanhmawh takin a rem ta char char mai a ni.

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Jasmine hian record siam tumin kum khat chuang a lo inzir tawh a, “Guinness World Records siam hi ka suangtuah thin leh ka duhthusam a ni a, ka puitlin thei ta hi ka lawm hle a ni,” a ti.
A hmaa hetiang record siamtu chu David Rush niin, 2021 khan second 30.31 chhungin a rem zo hman a, a hmaa record Nakul Ramaswamy-a’n 2019-a a siam, second 32.42 a rawn khumin record thar a siam a, tunah David Rush record hi Jasmine hian a rawn khum ve leh ta a ni.

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