China in US indo lawngin a tuipui ram lut ti

Chinese military te chuan South China Sea ah US warship an umzui thu sawiin a rang thei ang bera chhuaksan tura an hrilh nghal thu a sawi a, helai tuipui hi Beijing chuan a ram chung anga chhal a ni.
China hian South China Sea pumpui deuhthaw a ram angin a chhal a, he tuipui hi kumtinin dollar trillion tel sumdawnna in a paltlang niin international court chuan China in a ram anga chhal turin engmah thuneihna a nei lo a ti thung.
Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia leh Brunei te chuan tuipui China in a ram anga a chhal chu an ram huamchhunga mi an ti ve vek bawk a. Chutihlaiin United States naval vessels te chuan international water tiin freedom of navigation tiin an paltlang fo thung.
Southern Theater Command of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) chuan US indo lawnglian USS Milius, guided missile destroyer chuan Ningani khan Paracel Islands chhehvel a fang a ti a, helai hmun hi Vietnam pawhin a ram anga a chhal a ni.
US lawnglian hian Chinese territorial water a lut tia sawiin China sorkar hnenah phalna a la hmasa lo a ti bawk a, chu chuan helai biala remna leh muanna derthawngin a siam a ni, tiin China thuchhuah chuan a tarlang bawk a. United States chuan engmah sawi a la nei lo thung.
South China Sea leh a chhehvel hauhna China in tunhnaiah a tina hle a, artificial island te siamin chutah chuan sipai hmanrua leh bugnrua te a dah bawk a. A chhehvel hnai ram te chuan Chinese vessels te chuan an sanghaman tute an tibuai fo tiin an sawi bawk.

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