CM-in Jordan Centre thil ba bawhzui a tiam

Ruihhlo ngaite enkawlna tura Sethawna din Jordan Centre-a electric leh tui bill ba an neih mek chu a rang lama chinfel an tum tur thu chief minister chuan a sawi.
Assembly House-a Congress group leader Zodintluanga Ralte chuan Covid hrilen nasat laia Covid kaite enkawlna atana hman Jordan Centre-ah hian hetih hunlaia an electric bill la pek loh Rs. 2,02,933 leh tui bill pek loh Rs. 1,78,276 a awm tih a sawi a. He Centre hi grant in aid ang deuha inenkawl an nih avangin thawktute an mangang hle tih sawiin, a rang lama tihfel sak theih a nih leh nih loh a zawt a ni.
House leader, chief minister Zoramthanga chuan he bill chungchang hi finance lam a lo la thleng loa, a lo la hriat ve loh thu sawiin, an hnen thleng chu nise thil tih harsa a nih loh thu a sawi. “Nuai hnih- thum thil a ni a, harsatna tur a awm lo. A rang thei ang berin kan lo bawhzui ange,” a ti.

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