Court-in migrants ration card pe turin State te ti

Supreme Court chuan States leh Union territories te chu eShram portal hmanga inziak lut mahse National Food Security Act in a huam chhunga awm si lo migrant worker 8 crore vel zette chu ration card pe turin a ti.
Portal hnuaiah hian register mi 28.6 crore an awm a, heng zinga 20.63 crore te chu ration card data hmanga inziaklut an ni.
“eShram portal-a inziak lut a dang zawng ten ration card an la nei lo va, ration card tel lo chuan migrant/unorganised labourer leh an chhung ten scheme an dawn theih tur leh National Food Security Act hnuaia chhawmdawlna an dawn theih tur an dawng thei dawn lo a ni,” tiin Justice M.R. Shah kaihhruai Bench chuan activists Anjali Bhardwaj, Harsh Mander leh Jagdeep Chhokar tena petition an thehluh a ngaihtuaha thutlukna siamah a sawi a.
Petitioner aiawha ding advocates Prashant Bhushan leh Cheryl D’Souza te chuan kum 2011 census ang chuan Food Safety Act in a huam loh hnathawk mi vbch 10 vel an awm a, mipui an pung zel an ti bawk a.
Court chuan migrant worker tin tena an ration card an hman theihna tura ruahmanna siam chu welfare state mawhphurhna liau liau a ni a ti bawk.
Thuneitute chu thla thum chhung a thupek te kalpui theihna turin hun a pe a, October 3-ah Centre atanga report ngaithlain ngaihtuah leh turin thutlukna a siam zui bawk.
“States leh union territories te thla thum chhung a taka thil an kalpui theiha ration card te eShram portal a inziaklut lote hnena an pek theihna hun kan pe a ni” tiin a sawi.
Bench chuan States leh Union Territories te chuan workers te hi District Collectors kaltlangin an pawh tur a ni a ti a, “tichuan a tam zawk te eShram portal-ah ziaklutin ration card pek an ni thei ang a, Union government leh State government hnuaia tanpuina leh chhawmdawlnate an dawng thei ang,” tiin a sawi bawk.

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