David Rush-a’n record a siam leh ta

David Rush-a’n record a siam leh ta
Guinness World Records 250 chuang siam tawh a, kumina 300 tlin hman tum David Rush chuan record thar a siam leh ta. Tun tuma a record siam chu pound 20 (kg 9 vel) a rit dumbbell a kut dinglam leh veilama vawi 100 in-pass tawn rang thei ber record a ni a, second 15.88 chhungin vawi 100 a in-pass hman.
David Rush chu a ke pahniha dingin, a kun a, a ban ding leh veilam a ngilin a thlak thla a, a kutphah inhnaih taka dahin dumbbell chu ding leh vei lamah a inpe tawn ta char char a, second 15.88 chhungin vawi 100 a in-pass hman a, a hmaah hetiang record, 2019-a German Andre Ortolf-a siam, second 24.16 chhunga vawi 100 in-pass hman record chu a rawn khum chiang hle a ni.
Rush hian a hma pawhin hetiang record hi siam a lo tum tawh a, mahse, chumi tum chuan a vawnnah a vuan tha tawk lo, tiin a record siam chu Guinness World Record lamin an pawm sak lo va, tun tum chu sawi sel tur awm miah lovin record a siam ta a ni. Rush hian tum khat chu second 15.04 chhungin vawi 100 in-pass hman a, mahse, an endik hnuah tum hnih chu a kutkawr bun a lo insik avangin an pawm sak lo.

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