DDK Aizawl hotu chhuak

Doordarshan Kendra Aizawl news director Mangjangam Thouthang, IIS chu pension in a chhuak dawn a. Hemi pual thlahna hi Nilaini khan DDK Aizawl hmun Leitanah neih a ni.
Mizo zinga Indian Information Service (IIS) kan neih tlemte zing ami Mangjangam Thouthang hi kum 2006 khan Doodarshan Kendra Aizawl-ah thawk tanin, kum 2018 ah AIR New Delhi-ah a awm a. Kum 2020 November 3 atang khan DDK Aizawl-ah news director-in a pension thleng a thawk a ni.
A service chhung hian seminar, workshop leh paper present nei tura India ram aiawhin a kal tawh a. Mizoram Journalists’ Association-in press tour hrang hrang an neih thinnaah tha a thawh hlawk thin hle bawk.

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